Personal Finance Coach. Bitcoin, crypto and fintech investor. Businesswoman. international speaker. Former Government of El Salvador Tech & Business Innovation Director.  RocketFuel Vice President. CNN finance and technology commentator. UCLA MA. Polyglot and Latin American visionary.

Mónica Taher was chosen by Bloomberg as one of the most influential business people in Latin America.

About Me

Several years ago I suffered a very painful divorce. The separation unbalanced my personal finances greatly. There were days that I couldn’t get out of bed because of the depression.

At the same time that immense anxiety overwhelmed me, I realized that in most cases, even when there is a two-income household, both the man and the woman suffer emotionally, but the woman will have a greater economic impact due to the wage gap and other socioeconomic factors.

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Why Launching Your Own Business Gives You Financial Freedom

Why Launching Your Own Business Gives You Financial Freedom

According to American Express, about 42% of all businesses in the US are owned by women. This staggering statistic is a testament to the ever-increasing opportunities available for female entrepreneurs. In fact, Latina entrepreneurs make up one of the fastest-growing...

FTX Meltdown: What Happened and What’s Next?

FTX Meltdown: What Happened and What’s Next?

The crypto world was recently rocked by the sudden bankruptcy of FTX, a popular, if not the most important cryptocurrency exchange. It was a shocking event for traders and investors alike, with many scrambling to make sense of what happened and why. So, what lessons...


Volkswagen lanza una electrizante campaña del VW ID.4 en colaboración con Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania de Marvel Studios

— Por Enrique Kogan - Syndicate Auto News Wire —

La Oficina del Defensor de Inmigrantes Detenidos ofrece un nuevo enfoque de supervisión en los centros de detención de EE. UU.

1 de febrero de 2023 — (NOTICIAS NEWSWIRE) — La Oficina del Defensor de Inmigrantes Detenidos (OIDO) es un recurso para defensores, representantes legales y familiares de personas detenidas para presentar quejas sobre mala conducta o malas condiciones de vida en la detención y custodia de inmigrantes de EE. UU. El formulario de admisión de …

Ya tenemos fecha para la registración de la Séptima Entrega de los Latin Podcast Awards 2023

— Audio Dice Network (ADN) creador y productor de los Latin Podcast Awards (LPA) con base en los Estados Unidos (EE. UU) a creado una competencia por los últimos siete años logrando reunir a podcasters con el fin de resaltar a los mejores. —

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