My Story

Several years ago, I endured a profoundly distressing divorce. This tumultuous event had a significant impact on my personal finances, leaving me emotionally paralyzed to the point of being unable to rise from my bed. 

Overwhelmed by anxiety, I recognized that even in dual-income households, women often bear the brunt of the economic fallout due to the pervasive gender pay gap and other socioeconomic factors. 

My journey commenced at this critical juncture, driven by the urgent need to augment my income and find a viable path that would enable me to remain financially afloat while supporting my teenage daughter. 

By sharing this deeply personal and authentic narrative, I hope to resonate with women who might identify with my experiences. As mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, and nieces, our stories frequently revolve around myriad issues related to personal finance. In Latin American society, money constitutes the second most prevalent taboo, superseded only by sex. Despite their cultural significance, open discussions about these subjects remain scarce. Often, religious beliefs stifle our ability to generate wealth, associating it with shame and guilt when, in my opinion, financial matters ought to be treated as secular concerns. 

Educational institutions teach us about geometry and chemical reactions, yet they neglect to impart knowledge about investment strategies, wealth multiplication, or stock market operations. They fail to equip us for the real world, leaving us in the dark. In truth, a combination of knowledge and pragmatism could empower individuals to ascend the economic hierarchy, transitioning from lower to middle or middle to upper class. This formula remains understood and controlled by a privileged few, perpetuating a cycle that transcends national boundaries and economic statuses. 

In pursuit of increased income, I delved into the fascinating realm of technology. My newfound obsession led to acquiring certifications, pursuing a master’s degree at UCLA, and actively participating in conferences as a speaker. I frequently provided expert analysis on technological trends for media outlets like CNN en Español. This journey culminated in becoming a partner at my then-employer and subsequently launching other ventures, thereby remedying my financial situation. 

My daily mission is to inspire and encourage girls and young women to explore careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math/Business) fields. I aspire to empower more women to reinvent themselves, demonstrating that transformation is attainable. Research indicates that working in a STEM field or owning a business can increase a woman’s salary by 33%, consequently reducing the gender pay gap. Thus, I not only share my story but also advocate for a lifestyle that promotes female empowerment. We must not cower in the face of “personal finances.” Instead, we ought to learn to master our financial resources, ensuring they do not dictate our lives. Acquiring knowledge about personal finance and technology is the optimal means of shaping our destinies and establishing a lasting legacy for our daughters.